Opinion Essay Writing Prompts For Your Winning Paper

Persuasive or opinion essays are one of the very common essays that students will come across during their days as a student. The majority of students are not aware of their potentials in this type of essay. To let us know, this type of essay is simply a test of the memory of the student whereby the student will be expected to relate an experience that has happened which they are privy to in real life.

The target is to convince the reader through well-marshaled points. Many students are not able to gather the inspiration needed to put together a strong opinion essay. The following prompts will serve as a guide on how best to go about writing this type of essay.

Your Years Are Loaded

If you think you have not gotten enough evidence to write on; then you are making a very big mistake because your past is loaded. Just take your time to review your past and you are going to come across something very strong that you can write about. Do not allow your thoughts to roam too wide; rather focus on a particular area and you will be surprised at the various prompts that will come your way. It should be one line of thought at a time; you will be surprised at how loaded you have been.

Your School

Let us assume you decide to focus on your school as a subject for your opinion essay. You are going to realize that there are several things going on around the school. Theywill fall into several categories. Some of these you are going to fall in love with; others you will dislike and with some; your take might be neither here or there. It might be on the common subject of sporting activities on the campus. Your prompt essay might be: “Which sport is best on Campus”? You can go on to express your opinion about any of them that you felt has the edge over the others.


Another area in which you can write about your opinion topic is on the aspect of a relationship. One way or the other you are relating to your friends in school and you can easily get a good topic to write on. It can be taken down to the family where you started your first experience in relationships. Every student definitely has a story to tell here if they properly get their acts together.

Other Areas Where You Can Get Prompts

The majority are lovers of pets. This is another very brilliant area where you can get several topics to write on. It might be something very important happening in the society that you feel strongly about and you want to air your personal opinions on. Talk about science and technology; there are several points of interest that you might want to write about. The society is also an area that students can pick on and write something that will create the desired impression.

Final Take

There are numerous prompts about opinion essays around students. The above areas of concentrations are some of the areas whereby they can get strong topics to write on. 

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