Good Essay Topics For High School: 18 Ideas From A+ Students

When it comes to writing an essay for high school or any other purpose, the most essential thing to keep in mind is that your paper is only as good as your topics.

Here a few tips from A+ students-

  1. Choose a topic of your interest- Do not chose a topic merely on its merit of being tough or easy. Choose a topic that you are interested in. It will make the whole process all the more exciting.
  2. Research- Always bear in mind that in order to deliver a successful and well written essay you need to have done adequate research on the topic you are writing. It is always considered a trade mark of a thorough research behind a writing, if you mention supporting cases and evidences in your essay.
  3. Planning- One of the most important foundation steps of writing is the planning. Thinking ahead and planning out the entire procedure will help immensely in choosing your topic.
  4. Timing- A well written paper cannot be rushed. Nor can it be worked at a very slow pace. You need to maintain a pace throughout. And will give you a foresight into what is in store if you choose a particular topic.

Some of the popular topics to choose from would be to write about a historical event and your take on it. The same applies for political issues as well. But remember its best to take a neutral prospective on the issue rather than take a particular decisive stand. This will help you draw comparisons between two ideals and will increase the overall impact of your paper.

Some hot topics to choose would be with respect to social issues such as equality in marriages, women rights and animal welfare. There are some pretty interesting major topics such as that of abortion, terrorism, conflicts in the Gulf countries and others such as that of the current war condition Of Iraq and Afghanistan. When writing about the mentioned major topics, don’t just depict the situations they are facing but right about their impact and what kind of effect time will have on it as well. Talk about some trends that greatly influenced the people in the past and the impact it has in the present future. Talk about art, its significance and the reason it must be nurtured to grow.

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