Simple Directions For Creating An Essay About Legalization Of Abortion

If you take a law, women’s rights, or ethics class, you may find you are assigned to write on the emotional topic of the legalization of abortion. You will need to keep an academic attitude and control your emotions. You cannot let your opinion on the topic interfere with your job. This is not paper on your feelings; it is a formal paper on the legalization of abortion. Follow our simple directions for creating an essay about the legalization of abortion.

Simple Directions

From the very beginning of you research, divide the topic into three different sectors. You will closely look at these three things: the time line, the laws, and the people involved in the passing of the legalization.

  1. The time line-find out when the idea for the legalization began, then move forward to the actual day it was approved. You will not want to mention every single date and development, but pick out he most important dates and discuss them. Try to make sure that your recounting of the dates and events is not too stiff or sounds like a list. Archived newspaper and magazine databases will help you with researching this part of the job.
  2. The laws-see what laws were used for precedence and in the preparation of preparing the movement. Also look at any medical laws that impacted the development of the court case. You may have some technical medical and legal terms that you have to define for your audience as you do this part of the paper. You must do this because your audience has to understand what you are talking about in the paper.
  3. The players-now you can introduce all the lawyers, judges, and plaintiffs who played part in this groundbreaking decision. You can pick out the most important people if this part becomes too overwhelming for you. You can use judicial databases as you work though this part of the piece. Also, this is a good part for you to use quotes and case studies. You can use many different databases for this part of your composition.

If you follow this format, which is easy to do, each of these three suggestions would be a body paragraph. You would have a five-paragraph paper. You would, of course, also have an introduction and a conclusion to your essay.

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