Edgar Allan Poe Tell Tale Heart Essay Topics For High School

The Tell Tale Heart is a classic story laden with horror. It is so rich in literary devices that you are likely to encounter it several times in your academic journey. The first trick to finding a good topic for an essay on the book is to read it. In the process of reading, certain areas will capture your attention. It is these aspects that inform your paper. Failing to read the book means that you will be writing from heresy or rumors. This weakens your arguments and compromises your performance. In fact, without reading, you will misrepresent facts and thus produce a poor quality paper.

Here are interesting topics that will spice your essay

  1. What is the meaning of the title in relation to the story being narrated?
  2. Would you judge the narrator as mad depending on what is told in the story?
  3. Is the reason the narrator gives for wanting to kill the old man justifiable?
  4. What is the significance of visiting the old man seven times before killing him on the eighth?
  5. A lot of prominence is given to the heart and eye as controlling symbols in the story. What is the significance of this symbolism?
  6. Tell Tale Heart is a perfect example of how suspense can be used to drive a narrative. Explain how it is used and its effectiveness
  7. There is a lot of death and darkness in tale by Edgar Poe. What role do these two symbolism objects play?
  8. Is insanity real or is it an excuse to commit murder?
  9. Compare the narrative style of Edgar Allan’s Tell Tale Heart and Arthur Conan’s The Adventure of the Speckled Band.
  10. What are the similarities of the story narrated in Tell Tale Heart and the life of the author
  11. Compare and Contrast the stylistics used in Tell Tale Heart and those in The Cask of Amontillado, both by Allan Poe
  12. Why is Edgar Poe referred to as a subjective narrator in Tell Tale Heart
  13. There is a feeling of madness throughout the story. How does the writer manage to sustain this feeling and how effective is it as a style
  14. How can you describe the mood in Edgar Poe’s Tell Tale Heart?
  15. Write an essay on how effective Allan Poe is in bringing out the dark side of humanity in Tell Tale Heart

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