Where Should I Look For Narrative Essay Thesis Statement Examples

Finding examples of narrative essay custom thesis statement on the internet is very easy. The problem is that your topic may be different from the examples you will see, and consequently, will not be of much use. It is much better to understand properly what type of essay this is and how it is different from other types.

It is, perhaps, the only type that permits you to write about yourself: you can share your memories, or describe your feelings, or tell about some important event in your life. However, the most important thing to remember is that when you are writing a narrative piece, you are telling a story, and you are telling it from your personal point of view. Your language must be vivid, not the kind used in academic writing. Also, because it is a story, you will need all the conventions of this genre: character, plot, setting, climax and ending. The events you describe are the most important part of your work, but do not discuss these events; concentrate on what these events are about-unrealised dreams? Lost friendship? Attained ambition?

Although you are writing about your personal experiences, it is necessary to make some generalizations because only in this way it will make sense for the reader.

After choosing your topic, it is time to formulate the thesis statement. It is not long -one or two sentences and very clear. You are telling a story but your story HAS a point, and this is where your point is expressed. You “grab” the reader’s attention from the very start, and because it is so important, it is a good idea to write it, or draft before you actually begin.

Writing it is not as hard as you may think. You need to focus it on a lesson you learned, for example; on how some event in the past influenced your life, and it has to convey a message to the reader why it is important for him as well, not just to you.

Here are some examples:

My Best Friend.

TS: My best friend helped me to understand what true friendship really is.

My Family.

TS: My family gives me inspiration throughout my life.

Just keep in mind that a narrative essay is a story you share but a story that is important for the reader as well.

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