5 Places Where Free Essay Examples About Yourself Can Be Found

Of course, if you are writing a piece of work that directly relates to you as a person, then you are unlikely to find applicable samples online, unless you have published them. However, you can still find samples that other people have written about themselves, which you can then use for inspiration.

To give you some ideas of where to look for such samples, the following explains five possible places you may wish to begin your search.

  1. Finding content on personal blogs that people have written
  2. You can find literally thousands if not millions of blogs on the Internet written by people from all around the world. Some of these blogs may be written about particular subjects, with others will be written about someone’s personal experiences. As a result, these can be a great place to start looking for blogs and articles written about oneself.

  3. Looking for samples on relevant social media, especially those relating to careers and work life
  4. Social media is a great place to look for information that people have written about themselves. In fact, some sites are better than others, particularly those that are more related to careers and an individual’s work life, particularly someone might have written information of more of a personal nature, which you can then use as inspiration for your work.

  5. Looking for descriptive articles and other relevant papers on essay writing websites
  6. There are many websites offering a variety of competitions for people who like to write. As part of these competitions, you will often see a variety of different basic titles that people are suggested to write about, including articles of a personal nature, describing things about the individual whose writing the work.

  7. Looking for samples of school and university websites
  8. Some schools and university websites will include prewritten samples written by some of the best students. Use a search engine, you might find some relevant samples on these websites to help you with your own work.

  9. Finding what you need by looking for writing guides that include samples
  10. You can find plenty of writing guides, either in the Internet potentially libraries, which will outline various instructions relating to how to get work done. To help you understand these instructions, some of these guides will include relevant samples, so you might be up to find something useful there.

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