Where To Find A Well-Written Narrative Essay Example

The goal of a writing teacher is to prepare students to write every type of essay. This includes narrative, argumentative, descriptive, and educational papers. When it comes time to write the different types of papers, students perform better on them if they have a sample to use as a template. The Internet is full of useful websites that stock samples of every type of paper, even the narrative ones.

Collegiate Websites

One of the best places to find a good, well-written sample is a college or university website. The writing departments often include samples that every can use for all writing styles. These are free for students enrolled in the college to use and in most cases, they are also free for the general public to use, too. Since these are available online, it is important not to copy the paper because it will show up on the plagiarism checking apps that teachers commonly use.

How-to Websites

You can also find well-written narrative papers on how-to websites that are designed to tutor students. Along with samples, these websites include video tutorials that clearly show all of the steps to writing a complete paper. The papers are broken down into the parts, so you can clearly see what needs to be in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. You should be able to use a how-to website for no cost at all.

Writing Message Boards

Another place to find a paper is any writing-related message boards. In many cases, students will post papers so that other students or writers can make comments. You might have to scroll through the posts to find the final version, but once you do, the paper you find should be top notch. These are good places to find papers, but also to receive quick feedback on the work you have done. Just be sure to remain anonymous when you post questions because you do not want anyone to find out you went searching for papers.

Professional Writing Sites

If you still need to find a good paper, you can find them on professional writing sites. These are where students turn when they need to hire a writer. Most sites have samples. If you find a site you like, but it does not have samples, you can request one be sent to you through the customer service department. They should be able to meet your needs. Again, do not copy anything that you found on a site like this.

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