Persuasive Speech Ideas And Topics

When a student is given an assignment bothering on persuasive speech writing; the student is expected to inform and persuade the audience. We shall define this concept and how to choose the best persuasive topic.

What Is Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive speech is expected to inform the audience; motivate, convince, and educate them to believe in your line of reasoning. It is an attempt to sway the audience to believe in your standpoint of view. The best persuasive speech must be thought-provoking with a clear opinion and should be daring. Students are expected to speak on issues that they are passionate about and can argue for and have the ability to take on counter-arguments.

Choosing The Best Topic

It is always a difficulty for students to pick the right topic amid several options that they are going to come across. The following tips will be of help in choosing the best topic which will best enhance their chances in the essay. 

Your Familiarity

Every student wants to have it easy with their persuasive essays; the foundation for achieving this goal on a platter of a diamond is to ensure that you pick on a topic that you are familiar with.


Taking it on further; what is required should go beyond familiarity-you must be interested in the topic in the first place. This will make research fun and not a burden. You are going to be enthusiastic during your presentation and it will rob on your audience.

The Interest Of Your Audience

Your interest and that of the audience should work in harmony. Where your audience is not interested in your topic; getting the best results will not come your way easy. Make sure your choice of topic is one that your audience will readily fall in love with.

Common Topics

When you decide on a topic that so much has been written on; it will be difficult to persuade your audience. Avoid overdone topics. However, you can risk such topics if you can come up with a different line of approach that is different from what has been the order in the past. 

Emotional Topics

Students that want to strike the right chord in their delivery are persuaded to go for emotional topics because people are more connected to such topics.

Related Topics

Another way to strike the right chord when writing persuasive essays is to choose any topic that the audience can easily relate with. People love issues that directly affect them and their immediate community; any topic in that line of thought will give desired results.

How Do Can You Come About Excellent Persuasive Topics?

Students that cannot come up with a credible persuasive topic despite what we have shared above can draw positives from sources that can be gotten through several mediums such as social media, radio, TV not forgetting the newspaper medium. You will get a list of excellent topics that you can pick from. Make sure the topic of your choice is in line with the tips given above. You are sure going to excel with such a choice.

Final Take

The choice of your topic in a persuasive essay should be one that marries your interests with that of the audience.

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