Taking Position Essay Topics in Consideration: Nice Suggestions for You

Coming up with position argument essay topics will depend on where you stand on the subject. These papers are commonly known as argument essays. They are written on topics considered controversial. People will always take a side on the issue and feel their position matters the most, even though the other side of the matter has valid points. When choosing a topic, consider something you will stand firm. Your paper needs to show your position and it needs to be clear. Here is what to know when considering topic ideas including prompts for brainstorming.

List of 10 Sample Topic Ideas

Taking a stand for what you believe in includes choosing the right topic you can defend well. Your position on a topic will include several points and prove why you hold that position. When you are free to choose an idea consider interests and what you know based on personal knowledge. When seeking inspiration for topic ideas consider the following 10 prompts:

  1. Why the death penalty isn’t effective.
  2. Getting more people to win the lottery: is it possible?
  3. Why torturing someone is never right.
  4. Standardized test results are relied upon too much.
  5. How to change the election process to make it fair.
  6. Why cell phones are a health concern.
  7. People depend on computers too much.
  8. Why hasn’t cigarette smoking been banned yet?
  9. Does marketing to children always result in profit?
  10. Does access to condoms encourage teens to engage in sexual activity?

Ways to Get More Ideas

Use an example of a position essay to get ideas on what to write. Example papers give ideas for topics easily. You can read the examples to review supporting points mentioned for ideas. You can review titles of papers with several examples at the same time. Get inspired by something you didn’t know or something you can explain in further detail. Think about content in the news? Issues such as climate change, international terrorism, and financial woes have an assortment of ideas and concepts to explore. Try to avoid certain topics that may seem offensive or sensitive to others. While current events can spark ideas you don’t want to add to the tension of certain issues being played out. Keep your options open and know credible sources to use when you’re ready to start writing.

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