Great Topics For Your Essay: How Technology Affects Our Lives?

Essay topics must not be irrelevant and odd. When you are about to write the content on technology, you must have a particular topic to discuss or analyze. Suppose your tutor has given you a topic which relates to the impact of technology on human life. How to start your essay? Well, decide whether you have stamina to combat with barrage of strong statements, logic and razor sharp eloquence to overpower so called opponent groups. Write a qualitative persuasive masterpiece with your arguments to lodge heavily to hit the rivals. Is technology beneficial to mankind? How to avoid negative effect of using computers? The content should be bold, précised and to the point with a solid thesis statement in the introductory part of the write-up.

Write Argumentative Content

An argumentative topic enables a writer to use dual platform for the sake of content analysis. For instance, a writer has to play a supporter and an opponent with different views. It is an exchange of opinions to heat up the audience. Technology is the way to solve problems easily. For instance, smart phone is much more workable than conventional land pone. You can hold the glossy ergonomic handset easily to talk to your sweetheart. Computers are giants to do the tasks faster. Ranging from data input, file uploading, email sending, web designing and lot more to take care so faster than you imagine. However, are computers detrimental to the development of personality of young students? Recently, cyber-warfare, bullying online and data set hacking are becoming hot ingredients for young generation to swallow.

Give New Information to Make the Content Innovative

Cable gate scandal, Panama paper leakage and Blackberry scam are some of the recent episodes of espionage for people. Data are hacked and then recycled to people for different purposes. People are losing trust because of the revelation of true purposes of political leaders. They are not honest. Had there been no computers, it would not have had been possible for Wiki leaks founder, Julian Assange, to hack data sets from Pentagon. This journalist has been held guilty for raping two Swedish ladies during his official tour to Sweden. Same way, China is using faster data hacking software to probe in for spying secretly. South Sea is billowing because of the insurgency, mistrust and diplomatic cold war. China has intercepted American fighter drone and a Chinese intelligence squad has stricken Pentagon archive to steal some classified materials. Same way, Hillary Clinton or Betty White was cross examined to know whether she deal with any foreigner through her private server in New York . Her Black Berry scandal is a menace to Americans who are counting days to face more raids, attacks and gun firing. Continue expanding your content by including more information, data and arguments to criticize the ill purposes of super powers to use technology. Russia has developed ICBM ballistic missiles with long power train to deploy inter-continental nuke warheads. China has launched TEL nuke carrier with a long range intermediate missile to cover New York. Russia has brought Iskander M missile to threaten American warships in Black Sea. North Korea has not backtracked to do the nuclear experiments. Iran has found Uranium in Tehran to start manufacturing nuclear weapons. Well, it is not sufficient space to evaluate the technology.

In the conclusion, deny all views, statements and theories given by your rivals. Conclude what you have stored with restoration of the thesis statement in a different way. You are the winner because of strong logistic aptitude to defeat rivals. Your essay needs to be edited to avoid criticism. Finally, request your superiors to assess the content which you write before submission.

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