List of 12 essay topic ideas about G.R.Martin's Game of Thrones

George R.R Martin's award winning fantasy series 'A Song of Ice and Fire' cannot be confined within any particular theme of study. Redolent with a myriad of themes, the series have gained immense popularity.

Essay Topics Based on Game of Thrones

  1. The History
  2. Spread around Westeros, Essos and the free cities, the novel has its own culture, people, their habits and ways of living. It can be a beautiful and intriguing topic of research as well for preparing essays.

  3. The Great Doom of Valyria
  4. A doom, that completely engulfed Valyria; along with its rich culture and heritage.

  5. Valyrian Steel
  6. Indeed, 'Nothing cuts like Valyrian Steel.' A good topic!

  7. Dragons
  8. Imagine how exciting can it get to learn about the ancestors of our favourite Dragon, Rhaegal or Viseryon- Balerion, the black dread and so on?

  9. The Languages
  10. Starting from the Dothraki to High and Low Valyrian, each language is fascinating with its own unique accents and ways of expression. Yes, ' it is known'.

  11. The Direwolves
  12. Not less fascinating than the dragons, the direwolves are magnum, loyal beasts. Albeit, there are only two of them who are alive at the moment, one of which we haven't encountered since season 1, they are still a stealer of hearts.

  13. Bastards
  14. The status of 'bastard' as a word rose high, after Game of Thrones. We all love Jon Snow but an informative as well as a reflective essay on the bastards, their position and impact on the society can be an interesting read.

  15. Treatment of Women
  16. One aspect that the showrunners have faced a criticism for is the ill treatment of women in the show. However, season 6 saw the rise of women in their individual fields, even if that rise took to burn down half of the Kingdom.

  17. The Others
  18. An essay on the whitewalkers would be fascinating because of our limited knowledge regarding these humanoids, their main purpose and ways of war.

  19. Jon Snow’s Parentage
  20. A topic of public speculation since season 1, Jon Snow's parentage finally faced the light of the day in Bran's vision to the Tower of Joy.

  21. Robert’s Rebellion
  22. This important event marked a massive change- the fall of the Targaryen dynasty and the coronation of King Robert Baratheon I.

  23. A Possible Ending
  24. Jon Snow on the throne with Tyrion and Dany?  Yes, we'll all love that. Or maybe the white walkers will come and overpower them all? 

Game of Thrones has an epic structure and is capable of becoming a stream of study in itself.

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