Crafting An Impressive Essay About True Love: 9 Touchy Ideas

Love is important to the world in so many ways. Of course, it is generally the basis of most marriages, and without relationships, the human race would ultimately cease to exist. Of course, love isn’t simply about procreation - particularly when it involves individuals who might be in their old age, but still capable of developing a new and loving relationship.

In fact, such is the importance of love to us as a species that it is one of the most important themes used within the entertainment industry. For example, many songs will be written with love in mind, whilst there are many TV shows and films that involve love stories, either as a side plot or as the main storyline. With all these influences, it shouldn’t be too hard to gain some inspiration for a touchy idea that you might write about for an essay about true love; nevertheless, to give you some extra ideas, the following outlines nine suggestions.

  1. With reference to real-life partnerships and marriages, is the idea of love at first sight a reality or a myth?
  2. To what extent do dating websites and other relevant matchmaking businesses help to ensure that people meet the love of their lives?
  3. Outline and discuss the cost of marriages in the 21st century around the world and whether or not the money is a sign of true love or a reflection of the pressures of society
  4. In terms of successful marriages - based upon divorce rates - on average, how long should people spend dating and or engaged before getting married if they want their marriage to last?
  5. In times gone by, marriages were about convenience and occasionally uniting various families for political and financial reasons, as well as to simply ensure that people procreated -these days, is it fair to say that most marriages are based on true love?
  6. Is it possible for true love to exist between more than two people – either in terms of a three-way (or more) marriage or relationship, or for somebody who has multiple wives (or husbands)?
  7. True love is often regarded to refer to relationships of romance: what are the differences in emotions and connections between people who love each other for romantic reasons compared with family relationships and platonic relationships between friends?
  8. It is often said that there is a thin line between love and hate: how true is this?
  9. Do people ever truly get over their first true love?

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